Nurture / The Forest Room

What is a Nurture Class?

Our Nurture Class is called the Forest Room. It is a class of up to 10 children who are finding it a bit difficult to settle into their mainstream class for various reasons. It provides a safe and predictable structured environment in which children are given opportunities to revisit early missed 'nurturing' experiences. The Forest Room is taught by Miss Bradnock who works with the children to develop their skills through specific activities and help them eventually to resettle back into their class.


Where is the Forest Room?

The Forest class is located at the front of school off the hall. The room is set out to provide a home like feel. There is a kitchen and dining table where we all share breakfast every morning, a sitting area with sofa where we share stories and chat, creative area, role play, writing and computer area as well as other classroom activities.


Why might my child be considered?

They may be quiet and withdrawn, find it difficult to share and take turns, disruptive to others or simply find it difficult to accept losing games. Making friends can be hard as they may be shy, find it hard to listen to others or join in.We will let you know if we  are considering your child for a place. The time spent with us in the Forest Room should enable them to settle in to school life, work more confidently and play more calmly.


How long will my child spend in Forest Room?

The length of time spent with the nurture class depends on the needs of each child. Ideally it can be anything from one to four terms.The children will eat breakfast in the Forest room before returning to their mainstream classroom for their Literacy and Maths lessons. After lunch they will spend the afternoon in the Forest Room where they can be collected at the end of the day. The resettlement back into their base class is a gradual process and staff will work together to ensure this is a smooth transition for your child.


What kind of things will they do in the Forest Room?

We will do lots of topic work, play activities, games and circle times. We will try to discover things that interest the children and things they are good at, encouraging those skills whilst working together in the areas that they may find harder.

Teacher - Miss L Bradnock