Parents and Carers

At Little Digmoor, we take the views of our families, parents and the local community very positively and believe that we seek to work alongside the local residents to make Little Digmoor a great school!

Below you will see the results of both the Children's Questionnaires and the Parental version that was kindly completed during the last week of term.

Many thanks for all of your comments and suggestions for improvements to life at Little Digmoor!



  • "Everyone has been so encouraging towards my son!"
  • "My children love coming to school!"
  • "Any slight issue has been resolved quickly"
  • "My child is thriving under the teacher's guidance!"
  • "They come home happy every day!"


  • To offer helpful tools like calendars to work with the children at home
  • More information about what our children need to do
  • Involving the parents and supporting them in helping the children
  • Keep the lines of communication clear
  • Detailed guidance on helping with homework


  1. Mobile phone number to make communication easier
  2. Family Learning days with Lancashire County Council
  3. Developed use of Website and other forms of Social Media
  4. Improve the types of homework sent home
  5. Develop the school grounds and play facilities