Recipe and Menu Development

Our Food and Menu Developer spends a great deal of time listening to and working with our front line staff and pupil groups to come up with new recipes – both traditional and modern.


Our Menus – the seal of approval

Lancashire County Commercial Group uses an industry recognised nutritional software system to ensure that menus are nutritionally balanced and meet the tough nutrient based food standards.

These menus aim to help children enjoy healthy balanced meals containing lower fat, protein items and plenty of starchy carbohydrates, accompanied by lots of vegetables, salad and fruit. Using healthier ingredients for the recipes and ideas from children the menus have been developed to meet the Government's nutritional standards.

You can be confident that if you choose school meals your child will be enjoying a meal with friends, eating a variety of foods that meets his/her nutritional needs and be learning healthier food habits for the future.


A copy of our school menu is available on request at the school office.