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Christmas Eve Activity Boxes

Christmas is approaching us and is only 4 and half weeks away! This year, in order to raise funds for school, we will be selling ‘Christmas Eve Activity Boxes’. These boxes have been put together by our wonderful and dedicated Parent’s Group and contain the following; a Santa key, a packet of environmentally friendly reindeer food, a snap band bracelet, a packet of sweets, a lollypop and candy cane, a small tub of paints and a paintbrush, some colouring pencils, a create your own jigsaw, and a selection of Christmas decorations/magnets which can be painted by the children. These boxes can be personalised and will contain the name of the child on the front.

The boxes are available for £4.50 each or 2 for £8, boxes can be collected from school in the last week of term. If you would like to order one or more of these boxes, please speak to Miss Heaton or Ms. Mulligan.