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Into Film Festival

This week we have been very lucky to take part in Into Film Festival. Yesterday KS2 attended Empire Cinema in Wigan and watched Zoo and this morning Reception attended Light Cinema in Bolton and watched Hotel Transylvania 3. Next week KS1 will be visiting the cinema too. 

Below, Lexie (Y4) and James (Reception) tell us about their experiences at the Cinema. 

 “Yesterday KS2 went to the cinema to watch Zoo. It was a film about an elephant that the Government wanted to shoot during WW2. They had to shoot the animals down because if bombs landed on the Zoo the animals might have escaped.” By Lexie

 “Today we watched Hotel Transylvania 3 and we were very good and sat down nicely. The cinema was far away and we went on a mini bus and saw a picture of Bumble Bee, the yellow Transformer. We squeezed in a lift and let some other people in with us to get to the cinema.

The film had monsters and a slime person. There was an Octopus who was trying to break the boat so that everyone would fall off it. The boat looked like the Titanic boat, which is a big beautiful ship. We had popcorn and a drink and I had raisins because I don’t eat popcorn! We all had a good time! When we came back to school we had pizza and chips for dinner.” By James