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Squirrel's DT Day

Yesterday KS2 took part in a DT day, in Squirrels class the children made their own bean bags. Below, Rebeca, Lexie P and Carmel have written about their creations.

“Yesterday we were sewing little pillows. First, we practised the running stitch and then we practised the up and down stitch, it was so fun. Then after break we started looking at fabric. I chose a fluffy one then we chose the eyes. I chose little flower ones, then we sewed the eyes on. Now we have finally sewed the little pillow.” – By Rebeca

“First, we all did a practise stitch with the running stitch. This is the easiest stitch. After break we got taught the backwards stitch, that was slightly harder than the other ones. After lunch we started the full pillow. I chose the funny one. I loved doing this activity, we finished this off today.” – By Lexie P

“On DT day we did some sewing. I really enjoyed it, especially when we made our own scrap bags. My one is blue. The first thing we did was practise sewing on an old piece of material. It was very painful; I stabbed my finger with the needle 4 times! We have sewed buttons onto the material for eyes. We are going to stuff them with stuffing and then take them home.” – Carmel