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After School Clubs

There has been lots of excitement around school this week, as our after school clubs have re-started! We are very lucky to have a wide variety of after school clubs including; Sports, Keyboard, Textiles, Art, Junk Modelling, Guitar, Basket Weaving, Photography, Lego, Dance, Film Club, Fit for Fun, Story Making, and Woodwork. 
This week Katie B.P. and Yasmin have written a short blog about their favourite after school club. 
Guitar Club by Katie B.P.
On Monday, I went to Guitar club. I learnt how to play different notes. Some notes were easy, whereas others were harder. I enjoyed holding a guitar with my bare hands. 
Basket Weaving by Yasmin
On Monday I did basket weaving. I learnt to weave straws. We saw pictures of the baskets we are going to make. I am going to make Macrame Owls. I really enjoyed it.