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Back to School

What a busy first week back at school! We’ve been settling in, getting used to our new routines, and taking responsibility for our own learning. We’ve made new friends, we have some new teachers, and we have a shiny new television in our Reception area!

Throughout this week, we asked the children to write down their favourite things about school, we’ve read through them and picked a selection of the best for you to read below.

“Sand” – Arabella

“Home corner” – Ellie

“Small world” – Nicole

“Fireman Sam” – Archie

“Phonics” – Attila

“Playing in the sand, playdough, and outside” – Jenson

“Playing with new friends” – Paulo

“Phonics and tricky words” - Luis

“I like playing with my friends, and going in the writing area.” – Rebeca

“I like helping my friends when they are hurt.” – Bailey

“I like doing reading and writing.” – Molly

“I like doing times tables.” – Miguel

“My favourite thing about school is writing stories in English, seeing my friends and playing with them. I also like swimming.” – Mya

“My favourite thing about school is Maths, English and reading, and going to the Blue Planet Aquarium.” – Tyler

“I like Maths and English. I also like reading.” – Zak

“My favourite thing about school is Maths, English, and reading. My second favourite thing is getting taught new things.” – Chase

“My favourite thing about school is that it’s smaller than any other school, and there are less children in each class, that means we get more help.” – Yasmin

“The best thing about school is science because we get to experiment with lots of different stuff. Also, we have a lot of fun.” – Ella

“I enjoy meeting friends and new people. I love learning, and the teachers are nice.” – Jamie-Lee

“I mostly like that we get to work 1-1 with Mr Webb, which helps our education improve.” - Maddy