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Cinderella Fest!

Cinderella Fest!

This week Little Digmoor had their end of year performance, Cinderella Fest! Thank you to all of those who came and supported the children. It was an spectacular show! Ellie-May has blogged about the experience.

"The play was fun and it was great to be with friends and work together. This blog is about the play and how tricky it was but also how fun it was.

It started with picking the roles. It was hard to decide, but we were happy with our roles when they were picked. After that we had to learn our lines, it is very important to learn your lines because you can't go on stage with a script. Then it was time to practice our performance on the stage. We did that very quickly because we were born actors and actresses.

Next it was performance time and most of the people were nervous, I was nervous. Our make up was lovely, especially the step sisters. We did have a small amount of slip ups but the show must go on! The play was a hit and Mr. Paton had lots of calls off families asking for more tickets.

Wednesday came and it was time for the second performance. Everybody was ready with their make up and costumes, and again the step sisters looked beautiful. We came on stage and it was the best performance yet, there was a problem with the music - it kept on stopping but that did not stop us!

Thanks for reading and well done to everyone!

By Ellie-May."