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Dazzling Dinosaurs!

Dazzling Dinosaurs!

What an exciting entrance back to school we had in Early Years on Tuesday! A strange arrival was spotted during lunch time – a rather large, colourful egg. We used magnifying glasses to investigate this arrival, and then we looked for some clues. The children made predictions of what could be inside the egg. The ideas ranged from fish to caterpillars to dinosaurs! Following this, we decided to leave the egg overnight in a warm cosy space, and by lunch time the following day we noticed that the egg had cracked. We carefully took a look inside the egg and noticed a small stripy dinosaur – identified as a T-rex.

This discovery prompted a range of questions from the children; they would like to explore what dinosaurs eat, what dinosaurs may drink, if they can fly, and whether or not they can swim. Over this next half term we will have a lot of fun exploring the dangerous world of dinosaurs.