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Educational Visits

A lot has been happening in school for the past 2 weeks! We have had quite a lot of educational trips out of school including visits to the Library, the cinema, a trip to the Army Barracks, and a visit to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United vs. Feyenoord.


Fieldmice visit The Library

On Thursday 17th November, 11 children from year 1 and 2 visited the library so that they could join. First of all they learnt how to look for a book and decided if it was one that they wanted to read or not. Then they spent some time choosing books to take home. They had a story then they had some time browsing through the books they had chosen. They then used their new library cards to take out books so that they could read them at home. In two weeks time Fieldmice are going back to the library to return their books and choose some new ones. They are going to do the Lancashire Reading Trail as well so that they can get some more credits for their Children’s University passports.


Foxes visit to The Army Barracks - Written by Ellie-May

This is my two-part trip about the Army Barracks. It all started with a very long drive to Preston. Most of the class were on the mini bus but myself, Ella and Miril were in Mr. Webb's car. We played a game called 'I spy with my little eye'. Eventually, we arrived at the Barracks. When we got out of the car, a man in an army suit marched up to us and gave us orders to follow. He marched us under a canopy, then showed us some military drills. After we knew all of the drills, we marched into a room where he showed us army equipment that they used in WW1. After that we reenacted how WW1 began.


We then said goodbye to WW1 and said hello to WW2 (after a bit of lunch of course). Then we met an air-raid warden, he was walking in the hall way (which he thought was the street). After that, he gave us tags to show where we were from and where we were going to. He needed an assistant and that was me. I got changed into a costume - I looked rather silly. After that we played a game were the class said 'yes' or 'no' and I had all of the answers. After that he showed us types of bombs, some were fire and some were explosions. Then he showed us how to put the fire bombs out. I held the end of the hose. After that we had a raffle and Jamie-Lee won an onion!


KS2 visit to Old Trafford - Written by Summer

On Thursday, 24th November, 14 juniors were chosen by Mr Webb and Mr Hallam to watch a live football match. The chosen children were: Summer, Katie, Jamie-Lee, Maddie, Harry, Jake, Chloe, Markuss, Ellie, Yasmin, Chase, Logan, Hayden and last but not least Ella. These well behaved juniors earnt themselves a ticket to watch Manchester United vs Feyenoord. It was an obstacle just to get to the stadium in Old Trafford in Manchester, it was phenomenal. The juniors earned their ticket by doing their homework, being well behaved and also by being on time to school. Little Digmoor was proud of these people.