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Fluffy Friends

We have had a very busy week! First of all the eggs arrived on Monday in an incubator.  There were 9 eggs altogether.  On Tuesday lunchtime one of the eggs hatched and we saw it happen. It was very exciting!  Overnight, some more hatched out so we put them in the brooder box under a heat lamp.  We were allowed to hold them and they felt soft and fluffy. Sadly one of the chicks died so we buried it under the ground and said a prayer. The other chicks are fine, they are eating and drinking and running around in the box.

On Wednesday we went to a farm to find out where our food comes from.  We saw lots of animals such as pigs, cows, goats, ducks, hens and horses.  We fed some of them and groomed the horses.  We had a picnic lunch outside and then we played in the play area. After that we learned how to make butter and ground some wheat up into flour.  We saw the milking parlour where the cows go twice a day to get milked.  We brought the flour home and the next day we made bread with it and ate it with our butter.

By Rhys and Jacilea