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Hedgehogs visit to the SeaLife Centre!

On Tuesday Hedgehogs went to the SeaLife Centre in Manchester. They have spent the remainder of the week writing about facts that they have learnt. Below, Kurtus has written a blog telling everybody about our trip.

“We went on a slow coach bus to the SeaLife Centre, we walked up lots of steps, Mr. Jolley helped me up the steps. We went down in a lift and Mr. Jolley beat us down on an escalator.  We went into the SeaLife Centre and the lady took some photographs of us.

In the dark room we saw a turtle on a beach, the baby turtles hatched and walked into the sea. We saw some sharks; they were big and had strong teeth. We saw some fishes and I saw a Nemo fish. There were jellyfish in a tank that changed colour. We also saw some stingrays. There were crabs with very long legs.

We sat on a bench around a tank and had some food, I didn’t finish it! Then we went to the toilet, we took our shoes off and played before we put them back on. We came home on the coach and Miss Heaton gave me a toy shark, she was my partner.”