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Hunt, Hunt, Hunt

This week Fieldmice have done lots of exciting things! On Wednesday we learnt all about maps and how to use a key. We learnt that there are lots of different types of maps and that the key can be used to tell us what things are and the map can show us where things are. Then we went on a treasure hunt around our play area. We used the map and key very carefully and found all of our clues. Some were hiding in the bushes, some were under the tyres and one was up in the tree! Then we used the clues to find… the yummy chocolate treasure!

On Thursday we went on another hunt. This time we were learning about where our food comes from so we went out and found some apple and pear trees. We talked about the fruit and how it grows on a tree. Then we all got to pick a piece off from the tree and eat it! It was very juicy and yummy.