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Inflata Nation

This week KS2 went on their 'Good to be Green' reward trip. Daisy has written about her experience below. Well done to all of those children who constantly display excellent behaviour! 

 "On Tuesday years 3, 4, 5 & 6 went to Inflata Nation in Manchester. The children who stayed on green were rewarded for our good behaviour. We went on a bus with Mr. Jackson, Mr. Webb and Miss Bradnock . When we arrived we took our shoes off and went upstairs and then we came back downstairs and me and Bailey went on the space hopper balls and we fell off. There was a big slide and under it there were two holes that you had to climb through and then you had to squeeze through an inflatable wall. Next, there were 3 holes that we had to jump through and then there was a rope that we had to use to swing to the other side, if you fell off the rope you landed in a pit of balls. We then had to run through some punching bags and then through some more holes. I was very good at climbing up the slide and I enjoyed sliding back down it. At the end there was a big climbing frame, we had to climb up it and fall back onto our backs.

 My favourite part was the obstacle course. Me and Bailey kept throwing balls at each other. Mr. Jackson had a ball fight with all of the children. We had so much fun, all of the children and teachers had fun too. We want to go back again.”