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'My Dad' - A poem by Summer

Summer is in Y6 and enjoys writing poetry in her spare time. Summer often brings her poetry into school to share with her friends and teachers at Little Digmoor. She is very proud of her poetry, as are we. For this week's blog, Summer shares her favourite poem with us. I'm sure you'll agree it is very moving. Well done Summer! 


'My Dad' - A poem by Summer


"My Dad is a man who went to war,

his stories are not quite a bore, 

he tried his best to stay alive, 

he did but now he can't dive. 

The doctors don't help, 

so I help him myself. 

A bomb took his back,

these tablets are not a lack. 

Back then he watched his friends die, 

not even having a chance to say bye.

His favourite thing to do is play, 

on the bagpipes, if he could all day. 

Also, his favourite food is curry,

when he eats it I have a worry,

just because it might burn. 

It might burn somewhere in concern. 

My Dad likes the colour red,

and also likes to lie in bed. 

Not always because he hoovers up,

and drinks tea in a special cup. 

Me, my Maddy and Ellie-May are in the fart gang, 

at least that's what my dad says in slang. 

I know what to be when I'm older, 

hopefully I won't be colder, 

but closer to the sun, 

and I know I've already won."