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Our new Library!

Over the past few months, school council have been working together to design our new Library. They have written about their ideas in our weekly blog!

“School Council had a meeting about our new Library, we discussed that we are happy with the agreed design. Miss Heaton and Ms. Houldsworth have been talking with us about things that could make it better. We asked our classes which we would like for our Library and we agreed on an ‘Underwater’ theme. We are all excited to see our new Library, it will definitely look amazing.” – Ella

“Our School Council have been talking and deciding on ideas for our new Library. We went for an ‘Under the Sea’ theme and we all shared ideas. I thought of an ‘Under the Sea’ theme because when you are reading you mostly think of water because it makes you feel calm. Other children came up with different ideas and we gave it our 100% best.” – Jake

“We have been thinking about redesigning our Library. We have been talking to Miss Heaton and Ms. Houldsworth and we have decided on an ‘Under the Sea’ theme, we have seen a rough design of our new Library and we are hoping to dangle sea creatures from the ceiling. We hope you like it!” – Amanda and Chloe H.