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It has been a very important week at Little Digmoor, after months of hard work and preparation, year 6 have now finally taken their SATs papers. They have put a lot of hard work and effort into this year, and we are all very proud of them! Below, Maddie and Miril have each written a blog entry detailing what they thought of the SATs exams.

"Over the past few weeks, year 6 have been working very hard to achieve the best scores/grades possible, this comes down to determination and resilience. If we were stuck or did not understand we kept on trying until the very end. All of the teachers have helped us and have made a big improvement to our reading, SPaG and arithmetic etc. The teachers were a great help either saying 'good luck' or sitting down and talking to us about our needs and what we could do to improve our work. Personally, I thought it was quite hard and tricky but we got through it in the end! Miril and I thought that the reading was fairly easy, but also tricky at times. Jamie-Lee thought it was challenging, but not as hard as she expected. However, even though we were all challenged, we tried our very best!" - Maddie

"Over the past 6 weeks year 6 have been working very hard for their SATs, trying to achieve the best score. If we were stuck we would try and try again until we got it right. Thank you to all of the teachers for helping us to improve our reading, SPaG and Maths. Maddie thought the reading was a fairly good test. Jamie-Lee thought it was challenging but not too hard. Even though they were hard, we all tried our very best and that is all we can do!" - Miril