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School Council visit Edge Hill University

This week Jamie-Lee and Maddy have written our school blog about their trip to Edge Hill University with School Council.

Whilst I was at Edge Hill University, I learnt lots of facts such as it was built 131 years ago. We had a little tour of the football and rugby pitch, the media buildings and a lecture theatre. When we were at the lecture theatre we asked lots of questions like where did the crest come from? The answer was that the colours came from a bunch of women, who tried to gain women rights, and created Edge Hill University for women to become whatever they wanted.

On Friday 27th January, School Council went to Edge Hill University, where they were met by Mrs Partington, one of the school Govenors. The children later found out that in WW2 Edge Hill University, had to be moved to Ormskirk because of the bombings in Liverpool! It has been there for 120 years. Whilst we were there we came across 3 interesting rooms, the Radio programme room, the Film programme room and finally a lecture room – just like the one Miss Heaton studied in. Markuss later told us that each house has a unique name such as, Milner, Bradshaw and Binns.

Did you know that there are over 3,800 workers and 2,500 bedrooms? Their quote is ‘In Scientia Opportunitas’ which means ‘In knowledge there is opportunity’.

How do they keep fit, you may be wondering? Well they have an indoor swimming pool, a rugby pitch, a tennis court, and a football pitch! It is about 3km wide! They also have a Student Union (SU), just like our school has a school council.

When I’m older I want to go to Edge Hill and study psychology or become a scientist. My question is, would you go to Edge Hill University? I can inform you that the children had a brilliant time and enjoyed themselves!