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Squirrels visit to the Rugby!

Last Friday a small selection of children from Squirrels class were chosen to go to watch Leigh vs. Salford at Leigh Sports Village, as a reward for their excellent behaviour within school. Whilst there the children were invited to go and wave flags in support of the Leigh players.  A huge thank you to Leigh Community Trust for inviting us! Below Zoltan and Lexie R have written about their experiences.
"It was a great day, when children from year 3/4 went to a rugby competition. I was sitting an amazing place. When it started we went out on the pitch and we were waving flags. When the players went on the pitch we went back to our seats. When the players started playing they were almost all hurt. 9 minutes before the match ended we drove back to school, then to my house then Carl's then Robert's and then Harley's." - Zoltan
"On Friday we drove to a rugby match. When we where there we got some flags to wave on the pitch. Then we got off and ate some sweets. The match started, loads of men started running for an egg shaped ball, it was fun even though I didn't understand some of it. When we went back it was about 10pm. When I got home I had a bath and went to bed." - Lexie