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The Smoothie Experience!

This week some of Y6 visited West Lancashire College to take part in Proctor and Gamble's Community Project. Maddy, Miril, Ellie-May and Jamie-Lee have written our weekly blog about their experience.

This week The Smoothie Experience!

"On Wednesday 21st June, we went to West Lancashire College as part of the Experience with Proctor and Gamble.

We each designed our own packaging by drawing a variety of fruits on a piece of paper, using quality colouring pencils. We were all extremely proud of our designs, as we used our artistic techniques in art.

After we completed our final design, we went to the computer suite and edited our design to make sure it was perfect. Next, we went to the fantastic ‘Art Show’ to see the progress of students in West Lancs. There were lots of fascinating sights to see as well as the art work.

Finally we stuck together our finished products, which was very difficult and took a lot of determination and resilience. However, it was an experience-of-a-life-time which we will never forget!

By Maddy, Miril, Ellie-May and Jamie-Lee (Year 6)"