Curriculum Intent

At Little Digmoor, our curriculum intent is one that celebrates diversity, promotes resilience, responsibility, and respect, and provides a broad, balanced, and enriching educational experience that allows students to thrive both during and beyond their time at our school.

At Little Digmoor, we aim to provide a curriculum which nurtures the holistic development of every child, fostering their academic, social, emotional, and personal growth. Our curriculum is flexible and adaptable, responsive to the evolving needs of our students and the changing demands of the world. We are particularly proud that our children are able to contribute to the development of curriculum content.

Our curriculum has been  planned and structured to allow for the progression of skills, knowledge and understanding  Where we use commercial schemes of work, our subject leaders have ensured that these are adapted to reflect the needs of our children, and are personalised to our school.  The curriculum is fully accessible - specific needs are catered for with an individual approach to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

At Little Digmoor, we believe that enrichment should be an integral part of the curriculum and as such, our enrichment programme is linked to our curriculum subjects, providing our children with opportunities to explore new learning opportunities and develop their interests and talents. From enrichment lessons and extra-curricular clubs, to educational trips, visiting artists, speakers and community partnerships, our enrichment programme offers a wealth of new experiences.

Our curriculum is rooted in our core values of resilience, responsibility, and respect, which serve as guiding principles in all aspects of learning and school life.

Resilience: Our curriculum is designed to empower students with the skills and mindset to overcome challenges and setbacks. Through their learning experiences, students develop resilience by learning how to persevere, problem-solve, adapt to different situations and embrace a positive attitude towards learning.

Responsibility: We embed a sense of responsibility in our students by fostering their ability to make informed choices, take ownership of their learning, and contribute positively to their school community. Our curriculum promotes active citizenship and environmental consciousness along with opportunities for leadership

Respect: Respect for oneself, others, and the world around us is at the heart of our curriculum. We celebrate diversity, promote empathy, and cultivate a culture of kindness and inclusivity through a curriculum which incorporates diverse perspectives, cultural traditions, and global issues. Children are taught to respect differing viewpoints and learn to communicate and interact respectfully with others.

Unique to Our School: Our curriculum is unique to our school community, reflecting our values, aspirations, and the needs of our learners. We embrace innovation and creativity, continually seeking new ways to enhance teaching and learning through the latest educational research and best practice.