At Little Digmoor, we are constantly striving to improve every aspect of school life and it is very important to us to take into account the views of the most important members of school – our children.  Pupil voice is about empowering the children to have a say in important issues and making sure that their views are taken into account when important decisions are made.  Each term every child is given the opportunity to vote for two members of their class to sit on the School Council and Eco Council.  It is important that children vote for these members rather than the adults choosing them.  School Council and Eco Council meet every week and set their own agenda.  They also hold weekly meetings in class to gather the views of the other children, as well as reporting back in our weekly Pupil Voice assembly. Being a council member gives the children a chance to develop their leadership skills and take on responsibility. 

On Tuesday mornings, we have a ‘Pupil Voice’ assembly which is led by our School and Eco Council. In these meetings, the children let their peers know what they have been up to that week. They share any decisions and future plans with the rest of the school. Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have weekly meetings and always ensure that the pupil’s voice is taken into account when making any decisions about our school.

School Council

Our school council is made up of 7 representatives from Y1 – Y6, who meet once a week with Mr Jackson and work together to represent the views of all pupils within the school. They share ideas on how to improve the school, contribute to our school curriculum, plan extra-curricular activities and are involved with community issues such as parking.

Through the pupil voice system, pupils learn the importance of democracy. 

Eco Council

Our Eco Council is made up of 7 representatives, from Y1-Y6, who meet once a week with Mr Webb and work together to make the school a tidier, cleaner and more sustainable place. Additionally, they share ideas on how to improve the school and how we can all reduce our carbon footprint. Eco Council are dedicated to positively contributing to the protection of our planet and ensuring that all pupils receive environmental education.

School Ambassadors

In Year 6 children have the chance to become school ambassadors.  Our ambassadors take on responsibility for specific areas of school life such as sports, community, pupil voice and communications.  As well as having specific duties, our ambassadors act as role models to the younger children.  You can identify our ambassadors by their yellow badges.