At Little Digmoor we believe that appropriate behaviour, like any other skill, has to be taught, modelled and practiced. We also believe that good behaviour is fundamental to academic success and personal growth. Our curriculum is designed not only to guide pupils in understanding the importance of positive conduct, but also to empower them with the skills necessary to make responsible choices. Through it, we aim to foster a positive and respectful learning environment where all members of the school community can flourish.

Overview of Content

  Autumn 1 Autunm 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

All Year Groups from

Nursery to Y6

Explicit teaching of the full behaviour curriculum content Ongoing revision of content Longer recap of the behaviour curriculum Ongoing revision of content Longer recap of the behaviour curriculum Ongoing revision of content

Teaching the Curriculum

The behaviour curriculum it taught explicitly during the first week of the Autumn term, alongside the National Curriculum subjects. Children should learn the curriculum content so that they can recall the information and act upon it. At the start of each term the behaviour curriculum is revisited and will continue to be reinforced throughout the year. As with all curriculum content, this should be taught using explicit teaching based on the ten principles of instruction from Barak Rosenshine. Staff will also demonstrate these behaviours and ensure that pupils have time to practice these (particularly in the first few days of term). For example, walking from place to place should be taught in the classroom but must be reinforced in different locations and times throughout the school day eg lunchtimes. It is expected that all pupils will know this content.

The process for teaching behaviour explicitly is as follows:

1. Identify the routines you want to see

2. Communication in detail your expectations

3. Practice the routines until everyone can do them

4. Reinforce, maintain and patrol the routines constantly

(Tom Bennet, Running the Room)

It is essential that all staff know the details of the behaviour curriculum, teach it explicitly to pupils and continuously maintain the high standards we set. By doing so we support each other to create a culture where teaching and learning is optimized.


While this curriculum is for all members of school, it will be applied differently in different year groups depending on pupils’ ages and may be applied differently depending on individual children’s SEND needs. Sensitivity must be applied at all times when teaching the curriculum.

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