At our school council, we discuss important issues and aim to make the school a better place for all. Our council consists of one representative per year from Year 1 to 6 elected termly and additionally a Year 6 pupil voice ambassador who retains their place throughout the year.  

Representatives are chosen via a class vote where all children in the class have an opportunity to become a council member. At Little Digmoor, we wish our elected children to be resilient, responsible and reliable. They also must be an excellent role model to others and maintain high levels of punctuality and empathy. 

School council undertake a variety of projects throughout the year. This can range from undertaking student questionnaires to helping local residents and solving local issues. Council members also take a large part in organising the school fare as well as various other school fundraising events. 

School council give a weekly update to the rest of the student body during our Pupil Voice assemblies on Tuesday morning. Here there is an opportunity to share opinions with all students and keep them up to date with council issues.