Pupil Ambassadors 

At Little Digmoor, we have several Pupil Ambassadors. Pupil Ambassadors are children who have been selected to represent our school and have various responsibilities. These Ambassadors work closely with their the pupils in school to represent the voices of all children and pass these on to our senior leadership team.

Oscar is our Pupil Voice Ambassador. He sits on school council and Pupil Parliament to ensure that our children’s opinions are heard.

Mason is Sports Ambassador.  He gives out awards in assembly each week and reads out the sports report.

Nicole is a Community Ambassador.  She welcomes people into school 

Mihai is our Eco Ambassador.  He sits on Eco Council and represents our school at Pupil Parliament.  Mihai works hard to improve the environment within and beyond school.

Philip is also a Community Ambassador. He too welcomes visitors into school.

Braydon is our Reading Ambassador.  He works alongside our Reading Champions and Staff to improve our reading provision around school.

Oliver is our Equality Ambassador.  He works with our Equality Group to ensure that everyone at Little Digmoor is treated fairly.